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Centinaia gli artisti che in tutti questi anni hanno collaborato con noi. Qui li troverete tutti (o quasi): musicisti, cantanti, ballerini, noti e meno noti, in rigoroso ordine alfabetico.

MünchenKlang was founded in April 2013 by a group of young students in Munich, Germany. At thebeginning, approximately musicians of different fields of labour formed the base of the ensemble.During the last projects, the number of participants increased up to 200 – laymen as well asprofessional musicians.

MünchenKlang is a non-profit association and all decisions are made by the members of theensemble. Two concerts represent the highlights of the two phases of rehearsals each year. The choirmeets weekly in Munich and spends additional weekends as well. The orchestra gets together on afew weekends only.

Under professional guidance of conductor Thomas Hefele the inaugural concert took place in July2013. Since then various pieces of music from several periods and composers were performed. Just toname a few there were some a-capella pieces or “Der Stern von Bethlehem” and the “Organ concertNo. 1 in F” by Joseph Rheinberger. In July 2014 the ensemble performed its most impressive piece sofar: the well-known and great “Missa da Requiem” by Giuseppe Verdi, which was a wonderful concertexperience for MünchenKlang and was honored with standing ovations by the audience. In December2014, the ensemble performed the “Christmas Oratorio” by Johann Sebastian Bach which appearedas a total success.

Guest performances abroad within a big concert with movie soundtracks, smaller charity concerts forpatients of Munich hospitals as well as some individual projects complete the wide musical range ofthe ensemble.

Today, MünchenKlang came to Milano to perform this year’s summer concert. The program containsthe “Symphony Nr. 4” by Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy (also known as the “Italian Symphony”), whichis performed only by the orchestra. Afterwards choir and orchestra will present some more pieces:“Tu es Petrus” (Mendelssohn), “Psalm 114: When Israel out of Egypt came” (Mendelssohn),“Te Deum” (Joseph Haydn) and “Tu es Petrus” (Franz Liszt). We hope you will enjoy these wonderfulpieces of classical and romantic music.