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We can use one template and then from there we simply redesign the bag. Just like there are hundreds of variations in pizza, Replica Balenciaga Handbags came up with the new Speedy Cube bag some time ago. If I am not wrong the bag has been introduced in 2008, limited edition. For anyone who want to know where to buy this bag, it’s unfortunately discontinued.

Replica Balenciaga Handbags

The speedy cube bag was never meant to be ‘just another LV speedy bag’. We all know LV is famous for marking their names all over the bags and they call it Monogram en Damier , but this time they have combined it with black. The speedy is made from smooth black leather and an elegant chic strap added. The size was measured at 11.8’’ x 8.6’’ x 7.9’’, that’s enough size for all your personal stuff + some extra space for bottle of water, a book and your scarf. (Just giving you some expectations).

Anyone who were curious about the original price, it’s was $2,910. You can still buy this hermes replica handbags as used. I saw a few once passing by on Ebay pricing between $2,499 and $3,500. You won’t regret owning this bag, it was limited + discontinued.