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The Silver Snoopy Award was given by NASA to Omega Replica Watches Company for its role in the history of space travel and for being a crucial piece equipment during the Apollo 13 adventure. All three Apollo 13 astronauts signed the award certificate.

Why is Omega Replica Watches so proud of the Silver Snoopy Award? Learn more here.

The Apollo 13 flight took place 50 years ago on April 11, 2020. Omega Replica Watches released the 2003 Reference PIC3578.51.00 Blue Snoopy to celebrate their Silver Snoopy Award.

The Blue Snoopy was a limited edition of 5441 pieces featuring Snoopy dressed in a blue astronaut's suit on a black dial. This is a reference to the duration of the Apollo 13 Mission -- 142 hours 54 minutes 41 seconds. These are easily worth PS12,000 to PS15,000. The Silver Snoopy of 2015 with white dials, released in an edition of 1970,replica watches is not far behind, and prices have already reached PS10,000.

The white dial 2015 is the real winner. Silver Snoopy, 311. is the real winner. It is one of most collectible watches of recent times.

The dial features a luminous Snoopy on the sub-dial for running seconds, stating "FAILURE ISN'T AN OPTION." Around the edge of the dial is a seconds track that reads: "WHAT COULD you do in 14 SECONDS?" This refers to the 14 second bursts astronaut Jack Swigert measured with his Speedmaster. On the dial, the best part is the ceramic bezel that has a luminous tachymeter.

Silver Snoopy Speedmaster commemorates the lapel pin with a hand-carved Snoopy figurine against a dark blue enamel background found on the caseback. Raynald Adschlimann, CEO of Aeschlimann,mido replica once told Revolution that the watch was not his intention, but when he saw how popular the watches were, and how much they sold for on the second-hand market, and how the prices were set organically by the buyers, he felt like a good job had been done.

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